A Glimpse Inside Zimbabwe: Video Clips

A lot is said, has been said and continues to be said about Zimbabwe.  What better way to tell the story of a place  than actual raw images taken from within the place itself?  In response to growing demands for videos, a compilation of short clips taken in July 2016 will be posted every once in a while to offer a brief glimpse into Zimbabwe.

The two short clips are a window to a country that  has so many people perplexed with others having certain perceived images of what inside Zimbabwe might look like.  The short clips are a prelude in a list of images taken this past July 2016.  Just stay turned!

Bulawayo Centenary Park

The video clip with its raw sights and sounds is a window that offers a brief insight inside Bulawayo through the lens of one of its local attractions, the Bulawayo Centenary Park.  The two parks, Bulawayo Centenary and Central Parks are located across each other and are just a few minutes walk from the City Centre .  The Parks are great places for lazy morning or afternoon strolls, hangouts, photo shoots or simply for relaxation while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

Bulawayo City Hall

The Bulawayo City Hall is centrally located within the city’s central business district (CBD).  The City Hall, as it is commonly known and referred to,  has three major wings or divisions namely: Mayor’s Office and Council Chambers along Fife Street, Small City Hall along 8th Avenue and the Large City Hall along Leopold Takawira Avenue (L. Takawira formerly Selborne Avenue).

Chicken Inn Drive-Through, Trade Fair Grounds, Bulawayo

Chicken Inn is a popular local brand and Fast Food chain outlet which is to Zimbabwe what KFC is to America.  The franchise which gained its popularity in the ’80s and ’90s after independence remains the leader in its category.  The Drive Through at this Chicken Inn located by the Trade Fair grounds (ZITF) and formerly Grass Hut, is the first in Bulawayo.  This location is a family friendly environment that is perfect for families with young children.



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