Time to Unplug And Enjoy The Outdoors


The sun is out, the beautiful weather is here and nature is calling. It’s time to be active, take advantage of your surroundings and  the great outdoors to get the best out of the short season.

The outdoors is all around you including in your backyard. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

The beautiful weather is here and the sun is finally out.  It’s time to unplug from your digital universe, get off the couch and go outside.  It also means it’s time to be active and enjoy life in the great outdoors.  Nature is calling and you don’t need to go far to explore and experience it.

Nature is right at your doorstep.  It is in your backyard, all around you and closer than you think.  A benefit of the outdoors is that it is cheaper than your standard vacation and takes less time.  One can easily set aside a day, a night, a weekend or an hour or two to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors.

Take advantage of the many activities that the outdoors offer. Credit: Outdoor Channel Outfitters

For the outdoors enthusiast and nature lover, the outdoors has many interesting activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, boating and mountaineering among others.  In fact, there is more to the outdoors than adventure recreation.

One can take a simple stroll in the neighbourhood, a walk on the beach or take to swimming, jogging, cycling and even kite flying.  What more, sports and recreation are a fundamental component of the outdoors.

Outdoors as Therapeutic, Educative and Healing

For the artistic at heart, nothing unleashes the creative spirit like photography and painting to  capture the beautiful landscape and surroundings . Like meditation, painting is an outdoors recreational pastime that is both therapeutic and educative.  It is an activity that should be encouraged and promoted in schools and to people of all ages for the benefit of all communities.

Take advantage of the great outdoors and unleash your artistic side with Art of Africa, Zimbabwe.  Credit: Art of Africa


Whatever you think, spring here in the North brings with a spirit of hope and optimism, something which our counterparts in the south and tropical regions take for granted.  Whatever your geographic location, take advantage of the great outdoors, explore, enjoy and appreciate the benefits.  If not for anything, consider doing so for your own state of mind, health and wellbeing.

Unleash the wanderlust!  Explore, experience and discover the great outdoors!

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