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Restaurants have evolved over the years from being simple eateries to assuming other responsibilities.  They have become places of culinary creativity and proud cultural ambassadors who promote local culture through cuisine, arts and entertainment.

Culinary Creativity and artistry have become the new trend in Zim restaurants. Credit: Leonardos

Culinary Creativity and artistry have become the new trend in Zim restaurants and eateries.

Restaurants have traditionally been about food and eating, that is no longer the case. The nature of these establishments has evolved from eateries to something more.  Like their global counterparts, restaurants in Zimbabwe have become more interactive, social and focused on creating memorable experiences for patrons and to enhance visibility in the competitive industry.

Restaurants and other forms of eateries have become Cultural Ambassadors promoting local culture. Picture: Indaba Book Café

Restaurants have become Cultural Ambassadors promoting local culture. Picture: Indaba Book Café, Bulawayo

Moving away from being eateries, local restaurants are increasingly assuming positions of cultural ambassadors by transforming into places of cultural experience.  By promoting local cultures through cuisine, entertainment, art and other forms of cultural activities, these establishments have become remarkable places of socialization and rendezvous. The evolution in the culture and style of restaurants and other eateries seems to be in perfect alignment with new demands and the ever changing preferences of patrons and industry.

Zim Restaurants

Despite limited resources and challenges, Zimbabwean restaurants are successfully transforming to be at par with changing global standards. This has seen some establishments assume lead roles in culinary creativity while others have emerged as proud cultural ambassadors. By creating social and interactive environments, restaurants are combining food with experience to satisfy food and culture tourists who seek to explore and experience local cultures and traditions through food.

Culinary Creativity

Culinary creativity and artistry has become the new feature in Zim restaurants.

Culinary creativity and great food in a more social environment is also a growing trend in Zim.

Zimbabwean restaurants have adapted to changing trends in the industry.  By infusing local and international modes of food preparation and cooking, they have become places of culinary creativity where innovative chefs sample and create new recipes using a blend of local and international ingredients.  Anyone familiar with Zimbabweans will acknowledge their love for good food. This love has extended into mouth-watering culinary creations that have come to grace dining tables of elite and non-elite restaurants in the country.

New Orleans Restaurant is a place of culinary creativity and great food. Picture: New Orleans Restaurant, Bulawayo

It goes without saying that this high level of food artistry is owed to innovative chefs who continue to play a fundamental role in helping transform Zim cuisine.  The power and nature of that creative spirit has become evident in every aspect of the intimate dining experience in local restaurants. The Livingstone Room, New Orleans, The Coach House at Nesbitt Castle, Victoria 22 and La Fontaine are few examples signifying this new trend.

Cultural Ambassadors

Restaurants such as The Boma have assumed infleuntial positions as Culture Ambassadors. Picture: The Boma, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Restaurants such as The Boma have assumed influential positions as Cultural Ambassadors. Picture: The Boma – Place of Eating, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Zimbabwe

Cultural ambassadors are flag bearers of their respective local cultures.  In a competitive industry that demands creativity, more restaurants are embracing cultural ambassadorship as a badge of honour to fill the demand by travellers seeking to explore local cultures and traditions. What best way than through local food, music and other events hosted in one place?

Restaurants use music, art among others to promote local culture. Picture: Mama Africa, Victoria Falls

Mama Africa is known for its great food, music and art. Picture: Mama Africa, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In transforming establishments into places of cultural exploration, restaurants have become influential cultural ambassadors and socializing agents.   By offering local food and entertainment in the form of traditional music or dance, patrons get the desired cultural experience.  It also attracts a diverse range of patrons whether it’s globetrotting adventure travellers, culture buffs, foodies or families. Places like The Boma and Indaba Book Café reputed for their cultural themed events, both appeal to a broad range of customers including experience-seeking millennials. Indaba Book Café also hosts a popular Book and Wine event, upcoming artists, authors and poets. In the end, what patrons are after is an authentic experience that offers a chance to explore and experience local culture while enjoying good food, in a vibrant environment and with great companion.

Social Hangouts

Zimbabweans are by nature social animals who love a good time and “hanging out” with friends, family and colleagues.  It is therefore unsurprising that places like pubs, cocktail bars, clubs and other vibrant places are the most preferred popular social hangouts.  While people go there to socialize in what they perceive as a vibrant environment, what they are really after is an experience, in a great social environment, offering not just good food but a variety of other activities good enough to warrant return trips from both local and foreign patrons.

Bulawayo's Indaba Book Café is one of the leading eateries and 'social hangout' to learn about local culture.

Bulawayo’s Indaba Book Café is one of the leading ‘social hangouts’ to relax, unwind and learn about local culture.

While restaurants, cocktails bars or clubs are popular rendezvous places to relax and unwind, the concept of social hangouts is not new but a growing phenomenon in the tourism industry. As more Zimbabweans and tourists seek to patronize such establishments, proprietors are responding by creating more social and interactive places that offer good food, live entertainment and great experience. In an ever evolving industry and competitive environment, responding to change is the only way to stay ahead of the competition, increase visibility and attract more customers.

Whether one is operating a club, restaurant or café, the industry has evolved and it’s no longer about food.   As new demands emerge, preferences change and competition increases, evolving with the industry is the only way to remain viable, competitive and visible. People travel to seek experiences and as such, establishments should be able to offer that opportunity to explore, experience and enjoy an authentic experience in the company of good food, entertainment and great environment.


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