The Great Outdoors: Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

Last week saw a gathering of outdoors outfitters from Canada, U.S.A and a few from southern Africa to showcase various products and services at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. The annual exhibition is a platform for outfitters to promote and market the great outdoors and to network.

International Centre in Mississauga, venue for the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

The recently ended Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is a family-friendly event that brings together outfitters and consumers of the great outdoors to kick-start the new season. For the adventure enthusiast, this is a chance to shop, mix and mingle with various outfitters under one roof.

Exhibition Hall, Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, Mississauga. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Exhibitors mainly from Canada and the United States with a few from southern Africa gathered at the International Centre to showcase a variety of outdoors products and services. While the annual exhibition has become a platform for industry outfitters to network, it also offers consumers an opportunity to experience and learn about the great outdoors and new techniques.  

The MNRF booth is one of the most popular and most visited at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show.  © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

In addition, the annual exhibition has become a vital conduit by which suppliers and outfitters of the great outdoors get to interact face-to-face with consumers of their products and services.

Exhibitions are a direct conduit between suppliers and consumers. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Such an open environment offers an opportunity for both parties to ask questions and equally provide feedback vice-versa.  Outfitters who partake in exhibitions such as this and who utilize the platform to their advantage often succeed in both business and the industry.  They also do well in meeting and fulfilling the ever changing needs of consumers and the market.

One Venue, Diverse Outfitters

One of many exhibitors at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Dubbed Canada’s Super Show, the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show has, in its 69 years of existence, successfully managed to attract a diverse range of exhibitors encompassing different segments of the industry.  Participants in the annual exhibitions are both domestic and foreign.

Mafigeni Safaris, one of the few outfitters from southern Africa representing at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Among the represented sectors is hunting, fishing, camping, boating, archery, birding, canoeing and taxidermy.  Also included are anglers, safaris, travel, sporting, hiking, outdoors gear, shooting and fire-arms as well as rock and tree climbing among others.

SCI-Ontario Chapter is a prominent feature at the exhibition. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Some of the prominent features include Ontario Parks, Safari Club International (SCI-Ontario Chapter), Nikon Canada, Ministry of National Resources and Forestry (MNRF), APA Archery, Mafigeni Safaris and OFAH.


The show provides a family-friendly environment for all. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

The annual exhibition is a family-friendly environment where everyone can enjoy a week of activities and fun with family, friends or as a group. Interactive simulations, games, quizzes, information sessions as well as cooking lessons are popular and keep everyone busy.

Family-friendly environment with lots of fun and activities for kids. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) continues to be a favourite and one of the most visited booths.  Attracted to this booth are families with young kids mainly because of various activities that appeal to both parents and their children.

The MNRF Kids Zone fishing simulation has adults and children experience the thrill of the catch.  The  Learn to Fish station on the other hand keeps the kids busy by making them design their own Lucky Strike fishing lure or artificial baits.


The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is an open platform that both encompasses and embrace diversity in all forms – in their products, participation and activities( for different types of people, age groups and interests).


Free Parking on the premises. © 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Free Parking is available.  While entry for children under 12 is FREE, adults are subject to an Admission Fee applicable at the time.  This year, Admission Fee for adults was $20.

Next year’s show will take place from 14-18 March, 2018.  See you then!!


Unleash your wanderlust!  Explore, experience and discover the great outdoors!

© 2017 Great Zimbabwe Traveller

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