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Congratulations for making it to 2016 with your resolutions bucket-list. Now, it is important that you actually live those dreams and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Whatever you do, don’t let this year’s resolutions fall by the wayside.

Time to fulfill those resolutions, take out the camera and become a domestic tourist. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Time to fulfill those resolutions, take out the camera and become a domestic tourist. Picture: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

You have successfully crossed over to 2016 and followed the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution, your next challenge is in fulfilling those expectations. Although many dreams have fallen by the wayside, your resolution should not befall the same fate.

New Year, New Approach

Riverboat Cruise along the Zambezi, Zimbabwe.

Riverboat Cruise along the Zambezi, Zimbabwe.

2016 is a year of re-invention and trying new approaches. While 2015 had its successes, some failures including near misses, let all its challenges be this year’s nightmares. For those in the industry who struggled in the previous year, you can start 2016 by converting past challenges into launching pads for restrategizing, re-aligning of priorities, re-branding of products and repackaging of ideas.

Tip: A challenge is not failure unless you choose to give up.

Support Local Tourism

The beginning of the year is an opportunity for the tourism industry to look back in retrospect at successes, failures or shortfalls in approaches and strategies previously employed.  That is why the principle Charity begins at home should apply more to everyone tasked with the responsibility of promoting their country as a destination. What better way than to become a domestic tourist? Tip: First-hand experience is the best tool and guide in this industry.

Explore Your Backyard: Be a Domestic Tourist

New Year, new approach. Promote domestic tourism. Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.

Mana Pools is one of Zimbabwe’s hidden gem and conservation haven.

Don’t start the year as a globetrotter criss-crossing different countries.  Let 2016 be the year to begin exploring your backyard as a local tourist. Domestic tourism ensures that countries like Zimbabwe which have world class attractions, unique culture, noteworthy sights and National Parks that are rich with wildlife do not overlook their own backyard.

Tip: There is wisdom and pride in knowing your backyard than to learn of it from non-locals.

2016 Bucket List:  10 Things To Do

Start 2016 as a local tourist in your city, town or province. For those with itching travellers feet, you can embark on a cross-country adventure with friends, family or solo.  Below is a sample bucket-list of things to do as you explore your backyard in support of domestic tourism.

  1. Visit local attractions near you.  It can be a museum, art gallery, performing arts, zoo or animal sanctuary like Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage.
  2. If you are in Bulawayo, visit Matobo Hills, a place shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Learn about ancient secrets of the shrine and whether the stories are true or just a myth.
  3. Visit a National Park or Game Reserve.  See the Big Five and other wildlife in real life, not on TV, magazines, internet or pictures taken by foreign tourists.
  4. You have the world’s playground and adrenaline capital at your backyard.  Visit Victoria Falls to see this national monument and a classic World Wonder.
  5. For the nature lover and outdoors person, there are walking, hiking and biking trails near you . Also visit a Recreational Park or botanical garden for rare flora and fauna.
  6. Support local events: Visit local festivals, book and trade fairs, exhibitions, carnivals and small community events near you. Your support ensures their continued existence.
  7. Go on a riverboat cruise with friends or family in Lake Kariba or along the Zambezi for an experience of a lifetime.
  8. Become a daredevil for a day. Jump off the Zambezi Bridge, deep dive in Chinhoyi Caves and go water-rafting in the steep rapids of Zambezi or Mutarazi Rivers.
  9. Visit a historical national monument. Bulawayo is a historical goldmine and a great place to begin with Khami Ruins, Old Bulawayo, Museums and Matobo Hills. Visit Great Zimbabwe Ruins,  Heroes Acre, Military Museum and other heritage museums near you.
  10. Feeling charitable?  Visit, donate and volunteer a few hours of your time at a Wildlife Orphanage or sanctuary, local museum and elsewhere where volunteering is accepted.


It’s time to get out those cameras and any other gadget of your choice.  Whether travelling solo or in the company of family and friends, be sure to enjoy every moment as you explore, experience and discover what makes Zimbabwe great and why foreign tourists keep returning.


Ready to explore? Unleash the wanderlust in you!  Visit Zimbabwe!

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